In the quest to continually improve our productivity, many of us have grasped at different tools and applications to make project management, note-taking and overall organization easier. As we know, the more quickly we can search and find what we need, the more efficiently we can work – and the more hours we can bill.

One productivity tool that’s gaining a lot of traction among lawyers is Notion. This app-based solution is completely customizable and popular in part because it has so many capabilities all in one tool.

Where Notion Shines

Like any app, Notion is only a tool. It’s up to you to use it in a way that will be most beneficial to your style of work and your organizational system for tracking projects and taking notes.

The good news is that because it is so customizable, you can develop it in whatever way makes the most sense for you and your firm. There are numerous templates available for customization – or you can build your own.

Here are a few other reasons Notion has grown in popularity with lawyers and how it can benefit your productivity:

  • Notion’s Personal plan is free, and this plan can be shared with up to 5 users. The upgraded Personal Pro, Team and Enterprise packages are also available.
  • It has all-in-one capabilities – you can use it to take notes, organize notes, manage cases and files, and even do your accounting. And because it can do it all, that means everything you need is also all in one place. No more jumping between apps, your Mac and hand-scribbled notes to find what you’re looking for.
  • It’s collaborative – Your assistant can jump in, update your calendar, help with research, etc. Notion also has a browser extension, which makes clipping pages and adding notes to reference later easy.

As you consider the best ways to boost your productivity and stay organized, an app like Notion may be helpful for achieving your goals.

Our team at Honeycrisp can help you evaluate this and other productivity tools and options to determine how they might be most beneficial to your law firm. Get in touch with our team to ask your questions.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.