3 Mac apps for your law firm

When people think about technology increasing productivity, they usually think revolutionary. But, in most cases, big boosts in productivity come from applications that fit seamlessly into your daily work life.

I remember, years ago, a client had a specific need to send an email at precisely 12 AM. He stayed up late, no matter how exhausted, just to send that email. When I showed him how to schedule emails, he was speechless. Revolutionary is never out-of-reach.

You can make your work life easier today with just three apps. The apps have little to no learning curve and fit into your existing daily routine.

Jumpcut saves a history of what you’ve copied and then allows you paste any selection quickly and easily using familiar keyboard shortcuts. There’s no need to swap between applications or repeatedly copy the same text. Simple keyboard shortcuts makes this app both minimalist and powerful.

Let’s say you need to gather a person’s contact information, some paragraphs of texts from different cases, and then paste those selections into one or more locations. As you come across the information, select and copy it as usual. Jumpcut saves each selection in your copy history. When you’ve copied everything you need, you can scroll through the copy history and paste the selection.

Jumpcut has been around forever.  The video below is a blast from the past, but it demonstrates how to use the app quite well.

Yoink allows you to click on an image, a folder, or even selected text to use later. It’s for files what Jumpcut is for text with one big advantage: it works across all Apple devices.

Let’s say you’re putting together a case. You need to gather documents, reference links, and attachments from the web and emails. Click and drag each item to the left of your display. Yoink’s hidden ‘shelf’ will appear. Drop the item and continue. You can paste the items later, when and where you need them.

Now, let’s add a wrinkle: while you were doing this, you had to leave the office. No problem. Since Yoink works across all of your devices, you can easily continue adding items to your shelf and access them on your Mac when you return.

Yoink makes more sense when you see it in action.  Check out the video below.

Duet allows you to use your iPad as a second display.

Let’s say you’re working out of the office on your laptop. You come across a reference document. The smaller laptop display can make it hard to refer to the document without a lot of back-and-forth window swapping. Using Duet, you drag the window to your second display, the iPad.

Now that the document is on the iPad, you can conveniently enlarge the text or even use the iPad’s touch sensitivity to sign it.

Even more useful apps

I hope these apps benefit you and your firm. I started Honeycrisp with the sole focus of helping lawyers do meaningful work. If you’re an Apple-lovin’ lawyer who needs help with any of these apps, we offer free technical support at (305) 600-3309 x1. You can find more useful tips, tricks, and strategies tailored to law firms using Apple products on our Insights page. If you’re looking for a hands-on approach to saving time and doing more, contact us for a free consultation.

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