Scenario.  You’re trying to get work done on the go, but you constantly find yourself switching between applications or tabs.  

Solution.  You can turn your iPad into second display with the app Duet

Additional information.  

Use case – It’s fairly common to promote using the iPad as second monitor because you can take advantage of the iPad’s pressure sensitivity.  This isn’t a big selling point for law firms.  Because the iPad display isn’t very large, the use is either 1) to hold a single reference page that can be maximized for easy viewing or 2) to monitor an app, like email, because it’s easy to see changes at-a-glance.   

Other apps – There are many apps on the market that let you extend your display.  We have found Duet to be one of the easiest and most reliable.  Reports indicate that the ability to use your iPad as a second monitor will soon be native to iOS and MacOS.  This is great news, since a second display is proven to increase productivity.

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