As attorneys, you already have enough going on in your firm – worrying about technology shouldn’t be one of them. This is just one reason why so many law firms are choosing to make the transition to Macs. Increased productivity, fewer glitches (and headaches), and a streamlined office mean less time managing technology and more time taking on billable work.

What’s more, making the switch to an all-Apple law firm is one of the simplest tech implementations your firm will go through. As you prepare to get your firm established on Apple computers, here are some factors to consider.

Your Tech and Maintenance Budget

Law firms turn to Macs because they want to improve their productivity (i.e., increase their billable hours). When a law office invests in Macs, the team spends more time working, being productive and focusing on clients instead of fixing IT glitches and other tedious formatting issues.

While your Mac office will more than pay for itself in saved IT costs, time and energy, a big tech investment will no doubt involve a large upfront outlay. Even though you will recoup that investment over time, you have to first have a clear grasp on what you can financially commit. As you identify your tech budget be sure to include these factors in your budget analysis:

  • Upfront investment outlay
  • Training costs
  • Implementation expenses
  • Ongoing tech support
  • Security costs
  • Maintenance budget and future upgrades
Hardware Selection

Some of the biggest decisions you’ll make when investing in an Apple law firm centers around hardware, software and network needs. Consider whether desktops or laptops better suit your team’s work styles and preferences. Then, assess which processing speed and functionalities you need to work most efficiently. Don’t get so hung up on cost, however, that you end up short changing yourself in the functionality department.

While price tags for Macs can bring you down to earth, it’s worth remembering that investing in computers is relatively cheap, especially when you spread that cost over hundreds of days, dozens of months, and numerous years of near-constant use.

Take, for example, a $2,000 computer that gets used 45 hours per week for 5 years. Per hour, that amounts to a whopping 17 cents! Yes – 17 cents. You owe it to yourself – and your assistant – to buy the biggest, fastest, and sleekest Mac so you can all efficiently do your jobs.

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