Building the perfect team for your law firm may come with some slight imperfections – say, for example, if your new paralegal is (gasp!) not an Apple user. It’s nothing that can’t be remedied, however, especially given how user-friendly Macs are. Getting your entire team up and running on a unified ecosystem enables the firm to be more efficient and productive.

Whether you’re transitioning the entire office to an all-Apple law firm or have hired a new paralegal to join the team, give newbie Mac users the skills and confidence they need to integrate seamlessly into your office environment.

Unifying Your Firm on Macs
  • Provide training – You can’t expect someone who’s spent their life working on PCs to suddenly be proficient on a Mac. Be sure to give paralegals sufficient training and support so they can become familiar with the macOS, its features, functionalities, basic keyboard shortcuts and more.
  • Introduce them to your legal software – In addition to getting to know their way around a Mac, your paralegal will also need to learn how to use all the Mac-compatible apps, document management systems and legal software your firm uses. It can be helpful to pair up the paralegal with a mentor who can show them the ropes and provide hands-on opportunities to practice.
  • Make sure they feel supported – Learning new technology takes time. Even after the initial orientation and training sessions have concluded, make sure your paralegal has access to ongoing tech support and resources so they can most efficiently do their job.

With the right training and tools, your paralegal will soon have the skills they need to thrive in an all-Mac office – and who knows? They might even become converts in their personal lives. If you have questions about Macs or implementing improved technology solutions at your law firm, give us a call at Honeycrisp. We work exclusively with Apple-based law firms and are here to help you find the right tech for your firm

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.