Your whole law firm can accomplish more when every employee has the tools and resources to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. This is true whether you’re a partner or a paralegal at your law firm.

Help your entire team become more productive with the following tips.

The Three “Es” to Help Your Staff Achieve Greater Productivity
  1. Encourage automation – Help your paralegals better manage their workload by automating repetitive tasks. Start by considering those repetitive tasks that are the biggest drain on your paralegals and consider ways to automate. Examples of tasks that are perfect candidates for automation include creating and sending invoices, scheduling client meetings, or tracking down disparate files and paperwork.
  1. Equip them with effective technology – If your staff is working on dated equipment and stares at spinning icons for much of the day, you can hardly expect them to win any efficiency points. Upgrade their technology and be sure to train them on any other new apps or tools you decide to implement.
  1. Express gratitude – We all want to feel appreciated for the work we do. Be sure your paralegals know they’re valued and thank them often for their commitment to the firm. Not only is this just a nice thing to do, but it also helps with employee morale. Staff members who want to be at the firm are much more willing to go the extra mile from a performance perspective. You should also give them time and space to recharge. Whether it’s encouraging mindfulness practices or simply taking a break outside over lunch, prodding them to clear their heads away from their desk can also help them reset and refocus once they are back on the job.

If you have questions about implementing improved technology solutions at your law firm, give us a call at Honeycrisp. We work exclusively with Apple-based law firms and can help you define any specific tech-based obstacles and implement the best solutions for your firm.

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