Scenario. You’re preparing a document and there are a few common phrases or paragraphs that you need to repeat over and over. So, you fire up Notes or a fake email message as a temporary place to hold the various paragraphs of text. As you scroll through the document, you bounce back-and-forth between applications, selecting, copying, pasting, and scrolling.

Resolution. Jumpcut saves a history of what you’ve copied and then allows you paste any selection quickly and easily using familiar keyboard shortcuts. There’s no need to swap between applications or repeatedly copy the same text.

Additional information. Using the scenario above, there is no need to open Notes or spend time remembering where you saw something worth remembering. You can scroll through your copy history and paste it.

Applications like Jumpcut fall into the category of Clipboard Manager. There are many to choose from, but none so minimalist as Jumpcut.

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Luke Kumanchik

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