The words workflow and processes often get used interchangeably in the business world, but they aren’t the same. A lot of law firms have a workflow, but many don’t have processes. In this post, we’ll discuss the differences between workflows and processes and explain why it’s important for your firm to have both.

What is a Workflow?

A workflow is a series of steps that follow the same sequence each and every time it’s performed. When followed correctly, the workflow takes a task like new client intake or a real estate closing from point A to point B consistently and predictably every time. Workflows can often be automated, which helps reduce errors and speed up task completion.

To ensure consistency with your workflow, you want to document it in detail in an app like Notion. Frequently, workflows get outdated and mutated because people don’t really read the documentation before undertaking a task. Instead, they might get trained by a colleague and over time the steps in the workflow change. The more the workflow is adapted, the more disconnected it becomes from the business goals and the less effective it is. This brings us to a discussion about business processes and why understanding them is so important.

What is a Business Process?

Business processes are strategic. They encompass the larger goal of the law firm rather than zeroing in on the granular tasks of a workflow. An example is a quarterly review of workflows to make sure they are still up-to-date. Processes are important for law firms to understand because they set the course for how workflows need to be designed and implemented.

Without your firm understanding its key lifecycles and processes (i.e., the big picture strategy), it’s difficult to implement an effective workflow that adds value and contributes to the process.

Having a strong understanding of both your processes and your workflows is necessary for your law firm to operate efficiently, productively and successfully. If you need help with any of your Apple technology, contact us today to at Honeycrisp.

Luke Kumanchik

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