You’ve implemented a new technology or automated a manual process. Great. But now you’re still having problems. What gives?

Well, it could be that you’ve forgotten to take care of some of the other important ongoing IT responsibilities that need to be managed in order to maintain optimal performance.

Technology Needs that Often Get Forgotten

There are a couple common issues we see law firms running into even after they’ve successfully implemented a new tech process. These are two issues that often rise to the top:

  • Failing to upgrade technology – As technology ages, things slow down. If you’ve ever waited what seems like forever while your computer boots up, you know what we’re talking about.

Upgrading your technology will help your Mac run better and faster, which means less wasted time and increased productivity for you. It’s important to know that slow tech is a frustration you don’t have to deal with if you stay on top of software and tech upgrades.

Moreover, it’s worth putting in perspective just how cheap computers are. A $1,300 computer that’s used 45 hours per week for 5 years costs 11 cents per hour. You read that right – 11 cents per hour. You owe it to yourself – and to your assistant – to buy the biggest, fastest, sleekest Mac.

  • Foregoing standard maintenance – IT maintenance refers to the preventive measures you can take to not only extend the life of your existing technology, but also to ensure that it continues to perform optimally while you have it. This includes things like:
    • Running diagnostics,
    • Replacing faulty components,
    • Updating hardware and software as needed,
    • Keeping a running list of your most common issues,
    • Restricting access to files and cases, and
    • Reading the product update releases (this is especially important for cloud services)

Technology serves its users most effectively when it also is given the attention it needs to perform at its best. Setting it and forgetting it might work for a while, but eventually you will be right back where you started (or even further behind).

Keep your law firm at its most productive (i.e., churning out more billable hours) by engaging someone like us at Honeycrisp to manage your IT services for you. We’ll keep your Apple technology operating optimally and help you with all of your law firm technology needs. Get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.