Technology has revolutionized everything about the way we work. In many ways it has made our lives easier. Just think how simple it is to find answers with the swipe of a finger or brush of a keystroke.

If not used correctly, however, technology can become a serious hindrance to your law firm. So much so that it can slow your firm’s growth – or stop it altogether.

Too much reliance on technology – without first thinking through how it can best serve you – can be dangerous. If you’ve ever heard someone wistfully say, “I just want it all to work…,” (cue magic finger wiggles), it’s time to raise a red flag.

Consider the analogy of a kid in the candy store. This child is in heaven – gummies, chocolates and all the sugary goodness you could ever ask for just waiting to be eaten… But gobbling it all up without applying some forethought and restraint… Well, you don’t need to be a parent to know what will happen next.

Now picture technology as your candy store. Everything you could possibly want is at your fingertips, but jumping all in without thinking through to your end goal could lead to disappointing results (at best) and a very expensive and messy pursuit (at worst).

Yes, technology offers endless possibilities, but it’s also true that there can be too much of a good thing – especially if that good thing results in a tummy ache and a mouthful of cavities.

Technology is No Magic Bullet

While it’s tempting to think that some new technology, automation or slick software will solve all your problems, the truth is: technology is a tool. A tool that needs to be used correctly if you want it to help your firm grow.

As with any tool, you need the right one for the job. Sledgehammers are mighty powerful, but if you use it to pound a nail in your wall, you’ll just end up with a huge whole in your sheetrock.

At Honeycrisp, we’ve seen a large number of clients come to us seeking solutions without first having a clear definition of their problem. They want solutions – and fast.

We want you to grow too, but we want you to be smart about it so it’s sustainable, profitable, and doesn’t leave you with a gaping hole in your wall.

In our next series of blog posts, we’ll dive into three important ways you can use technology to help your firm grow, rather than have it hinder your growth.

Specifically, we’ll discuss the importance of:

  • Defining problems first (before searching for solutions)
  • Gaining internal support for the change
  • Staying on top of ongoing technology maintenance once you have implemented a solution

By approaching your law firm’s technology needs with the right mindset, you can set your business up for a strong growth trajectory. Our team at Honeycrisp is here to offer guidance, support and answers to all your questions. Get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.