Setting clear and realistic stakeholder expectations is crucial when investing in legal technology. You need to be able to demonstrate its value in relation to cost and have a clear purpose when starting your search.

In terms of buy-in from your stakeholders, increasingly the ask is not so much related to why your firm should invest in technology (that much is clear). Rather, it’s being able to clearly define which products you should invest in among the sea of solutions out there and demonstrate how they will solve problems or create new opportunities.

How to Manage Stakeholder Expectations

Don’t be surprised if you experience some pushback from other attorneys or stakeholders when you begin pursuing a new legal tech solution. There can be a steep cost to new technology, so their concerns are likely warranted. Be deliberate and intentional with your search process and follow these suggestions to ensure a smooth implementation.

  • Involve stakeholders from the beginning – There should be a strong business case for investing in new technology. Involve your partners early as you define your core problems and identify areas of opportunity that new legal tech could solve. When everyone’s input is accounted for early, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of the specific needs of the firm.
  • Focus on the benefits – When all stakeholders see are dollar signs, the benefits need to shine even brighter. You need to be specific, upfront and repetitive about how the technology will impact every aspect of the business. For example, maybe the new technology means attorneys can now take vacations because the data is in the system, that’s a message worth shouting from rooftops. Whatever change you implement will come with numerous benefits, but to make the change stick, you need to tout those selling points loudly, clearly and frequently to motivate attorneys to change.
  • Remain transparent – Be open about the selection criteria and involve stakeholders in product demonstrations and trials. It’s also to establish realistic implementation timelines and communicate updates frequently.

In today’s tech landscape, stakeholders don’t necessarily need to be convinced to invest in technology. What they do need to be convinced of is why the firm should invest in a given product or service. Involving key players early and focusing on the benefits and outcomes can help the entire process go more smoothly.

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Luke Kumanchik

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