Whenever you’re trying to encourage user adoption of a new technology, it generally comes down to “what’s in it for me.” In order for attorneys at your firm to engage with your customer relationship management (CRM) solution, they need to see the benefits. Start with the end in mind and boost user participation with these tips.

  1. Focus on the benefits – To encourage lawyer participation with your CRM, you must show them the value and benefits it brings to not just the firm as a whole, but also to them individually. A good legal CRM will save them time, help them be more organized and allow them to better engage with clients. Communicate early and often if you’re planning to switch to a new legal CRM. Having everyone on board from the start will increase user adoption and make for a successful transition.
  1. Teach them the tools of the trade – Often user reluctance stems simply from not knowing how to use the technology. We can all become incredibly efficient and inefficient processes when given enough time and practice. Break old habits by teaching them all the ways to use the CRM. A good training program (paired with ongoing support) is one of the very best ways to rally a reluctant user and get the most out of your CRM.
  1. Show them the numbers – If words won’t work, show them the numbers. Data can have a powerful and persuasive impact when you’re trying to make your case for greater engagement with a CRM.
  1. Try a carrot (or a stick) – We’re all motivated by different things. For those who appreciate a reward, consider offering some incentives or hosting a celebratory event if the firm reaches certain milestones. If that doesn’t encourage your attorneys to adopt the CRM, perhaps making it the only option will change behaviors.
  1. Ask for their input – It can be easy to think you have to do all the talking if you want to persuade a fellow attorney to adopt a new technology. Au contraire! Sometimes all you have to do is ask them about their perspective. Perhaps they’re reluctant for a reason. Give them an opportunity to share what’s holding them back from greater participation in the CRM. Frankly, it could be that they’ve just been too busy to take on any new training yet.

A CRM is an invaluable tool for your law firm. For help making the most of all your technology solutions, get in touch with our team at Honeycrisp today. If you have a Mac, we’ve got your back.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.