We’re living in a world of near-constant tech evolution, and the superhuman capabilities of some artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions is truly astounding, even for those of us who work in technology.

Every industry is leveraging AI to improve their businesses, and the legal profession is no exception. As the landscape continues to shift under our feet, there are wide-ranging implications for law firms. While AI will no doubt continue to revolutionize the way attorneys and paralegals engage in their work, it will not completely overtake the inherently human element required to practice law.

The Benefits of AI

Law firms who lean on AI and ML tools to streamline repetitive tasks save time and money. That much is clear. What’s also clear is that AI software can produce more accurate and error-free results than its human counterparts (and do so much faster) when given specific instructions.

Sophisticated ML algorithms can aid in research and alert lawyers to inconsistencies in documents, and they won’t tire out during discovery. Moreover, tools like ChatGPT take AI to a whole new level.

In addition to using technology to analyze existing text, ChatGPT can produce its own unique content based on prompts given by the user. That means lawyers can use AI to draft case briefs, respond to client inquiries or research legal findings, so long as – and this is the important part – they review the text for accuracy and context prior to sharing.

A Point of Caution When Using AI

There are limitations to AI, however. Most notability is that these tools are only as intelligent as the data that’s been input into their architecture – and they can’t give an explanation for their answers. AI-produced results may contain flaws and bias. They also are missing the human element of judgment and context as they relate to a given case.

The future of the legal profession is no doubt paved with technology, but it’s clear that bots will not completely overtake the industry. That said, those firms that remain cutting edge with their tech practices stand much to gain in terms of productivity, efficiency, and enhanced service offerings to their clients.

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Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.