Remote and hybrid offices have created a new challenge that many law firms were not ready for. And even as the pandemic draws to a close, many firms have found out their best staff want to work remotely – at least part of the time. Law firms are looking for innovative ways to bring on employees and keep them happy (this includes remote legal secretaries).

It is becoming increasingly common for remote legal secretaries to help with some of the more routine everyday responsibilities that were once delegated to law clerks or paralegals.

So, how exactly can you keep information secure with a situation like this?

1) Sure, passwords are important, but a lot of time people share passwords with their team because they don’t know how to share less (to setup permissions properly). That is where we come in to help you learn how to successfully setup permissions to reduce password sharing and the opportunity for security issues.

2) Recording meetings is something people are doing a lot of these days. It’s making procedures easier to capture and secretaries are going back to them to get instructions — that recorded meeting with all of that extraneous information then just sits there for hackers to steal later. That is what you don’t want.

3) Personal devices are really, really tough to manage, but there are mobile device management solutions that put your data “in a box”.  Sometimes, that box prevents copy-paste from personal to business apps (and vice versa) as well as the ability to remotely wipe just the business apps, in case of employee challenges.

While these are just the tip of the iceberg for what you can do to ensure total safety and security for your firm, it will help you mitigate risk that can ensue due to the latest addition of remote legal secretaries. If you have questions relating to your specific office setup, we are more than happy to discuss in a less public place — don’t hesitate to reach out.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.