Reader’s Note: As with everything in life, there are multiple mistakes users can make. These are the four most common that we’ve seen and easy ways to avoid them. There are many other tips depending on your computer model, software, mobile device integrations and other circumstances. If you need additional support, we’re always here to help.

Macs are known for dependability and longevity. There isn’t a lot you need to do for maintenance and this is why so many people prefer Macs to PCs.

But when you do run into issues with your Mac it’s usually due to a relatively simple problem. In our years of experience, we’ve helped many law firms build and maintain their all-Mac offices. We’ve also solved many problems and noticed the patterns that come along with these issues.

Here are 4 of the top mistakes to avoid in your law firm with Apple computer maintenance.

Turn off auto MacOS updates

Don’t check the box to “Automatically keep my Mac up to date.” You want to give the OS time to fix bugs and work out all the kinks. A new OS can cause all sorts of issues integrating with your current apps and software, so wait for the .1 minor update to come out a few weeks after the big launch.

Third party app updates

In the same way the Mac OS can cause issues, so can third party apps. If they are set to auto-updates you could run into similar bugs and compatibility issues. On the other side, don’t avoid updates indefinitely. Check your app store every now and again for updates. These bug fixes, new features and patches aren’t always necessary but avoiding them for too long can lead to security risks.

Never restarting your Mac

There’s a balance between leaving your computer running non-stop and giving it proper “downtime.” You don’t need to shut down your computer every night, but you do want to restart occasionally. When your computer is “sleeping” it’s doing all sorts of necessary maintenance and management such as indexing files, backups, clearing cache, and updating apps. So, shutting down your computer from time to time or restarting after a software installation is a good idea. You can also restart when your Mac is running slow or otherwise abnormally.

Falling for anti-virus click-bait

Don’t fall for the ads that tell you that you need all these software items. Your Mac has built-in antivirus protection and many of these “cleaning” apps are actually harmful to your computer. If you need more security, contact a Mac IT professional to talk through your options.

For example – as your firm grows, scheduling updates with a tool like Fleetsmith is incredibly valuable. Every few month’s Apple’s updates are usually rather major and there are usually bugs for the first two weeks until the X.1 version comes out. Using a tool like Fleetsmith makes it relatively simple to make sure that a bad update doesn’t make a sizeable percentage of your team’s computers crash

Simple, right? Macs are designed to be user-friendly and so the issues you may come across are generally easy fixes. If you’re running into more complicated problems or you’re overdue for computer maintenance, contact us and let’s get your Mac office optimized.

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