You plan to upgrade to macOS Catalina when it comes out this fall. You have heard that Catalina will no longer support older applications (i.e., 32-bit apps). You want to be sure that when you upgrade that all of your apps continue to work.


An easy to follow visual guide to finding out if your favorite app will work in macOS Catalina.

Find out if your app is 32-bit

  1. Click on the Apple menu in the top-left corner
  2. Click on About this Mac
  3. Click on System Report…
  4. Expand Software and click on Applications
  5. Click on 64-bit (Intel) column header to sort the applications list
  6. Look for the No

Additional Information

If your favorite app is listed as Yes, then you have nothing to worry about; if it’s listed as No, then you need to review your options. There may be an updated version of the app that you just haven’t gotten around to installing or the developer may be working to update the app to 64-bit before Catalina is available. Each app is different, so you need to research or reach out to each software developer individually. Regardless of the response, do not upgrade to Catalina until you have a resolution for your life without your favorite app.

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