You don’t remember where you saved a file on your server, but you know the file’s name. You use a Mac, so you don’t worry about it. You type the file name into Spotlight, but you get no results. You use Finder search on the client’s folder, but get no results. After some manual digging, you find the file. ‘How do I get my Mac to find this file?’ you wonder.


Install a Synology NAS. You can use their NAS Selector Tool to help you choose the right piece of equipment for your office.

Additional Information

The way Spotlight goes about locating files makes it excellent for finding files on your Mac, but not very good when it comes to searching folders and files on the network (your server). The problem first arose in macOS 10.8 and isn’t resolved by macOS Server, either. The solution to use a Synology NAS comes about because Spotlight indexing with a Synology NAS works flawlessly. It’s snappy and accurate, right out of the box. It has a lot integration with services like Amazon S3, Google Drive and Dropbox, so it will meet your law firm’s other needs.

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