Your law firm’s daily operations are the backbone of your business. You can’t effectively serve clients without an efficient system in place for managing client intake forms, organizing case notes, communicating with (and billing) clients, and more. If your team is operating in silos, you’re likely losing massive amounts of money. The right technology promotes collaboration and improves productivity.

Leveraging Technology to Boost Operations

There are many ways to leverage technology at your law firm. In terms of operations, one tool that’s gaining a lot of traction among a subset of tech-savvy lawyers is Notion. This app-based solution is completely customizable and popular in part because it has so many capabilities all in one tool, including the ability to serve as your law firm’s operating system.

Here are a few other reasons Notion has grown in popularity with lawyers and how it can benefit your firm’s productivity:

  • Notion offers a free plan, and this plan can be shared with up to 10 guests. The upgraded Plus, Business and Enterprise packages are also available.
  • It has all-in-one capabilities – You can use it to take notes, organize notes, manage cases and files, and even do your accounting. And because it can do it all, that means everything you need is also all in one place. No more jumping between apps, your Mac, and your hand-scribbled notes to find what you’re looking for.
  • It’s collaborative – Your assistant can jump in, update your calendar, help with research, etc. Notion also has a browser extension, which makes clipping pages and adding notes to reference later easy. As mentioned, one of its best features is that it helps you and your team stay organized and easily find what you’re looking for any time, any place.

As a company management system, Notion provides a functional foundation to improve the ways in which you do business. Within it, you can rely on dashboards for managing your operations and subgrouping to stay organized. The Main Hub houses things like your:

  • Daily task list
  • Company wiki (or knowledge bank)
  • Meeting notes
  • Project files
  • Project roadmap
  • Dashboard and more

Notion allows you to manage tasks by status, timeline, project type or any other organizational system that works for you. By starting with a template for your operating system, you can then continue to improve and customize the processes that work best for your law firm.

Improving your law firm’s operations can be simplified with technology and with the help of a trusted tech partner. If you have questions about how technology – either Notion or other tools –  can be better implemented at your law firm, get in touch with our team at Honeycrisp to schedule a free consultation.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.