Keeping your technology operating at peak performance is critical to your business being able to operate at peak performance, and that means we must routinely upgrade our technology. But upgrading technology also comes with challenges – not to mention, a cost.

Read on to learn more about the best ways to prepare for a technology upgrade and gain insight into some of the right and wrong ways to go about doing it.

When and How to Upgrade Your Firm’s Technology

Law firms, like any other industry, rely heavily on technology to streamline operations, enhance productivity and deliver optimal client services. As our tech ages, it becomes slower and weaker. Over time, many of its key benefits start to erode.

Your goal should be to upgrade your technology before it’s too late, but the challenge for many law firms is recognizing when exactly this is. Ultimately, it all comes down to performance. Here are some questions to consider to help you assess whether you’re due for a tech upgrade.

  • Are you keeping up with maintenance? – Perhaps you don’t need to upgrade your technology yet. Rather, if you’re staying on top of regular maintenance by following an upgrade schedule, you can reduce (or delay) large one-time expenditures and invite small changes that can help you and your team identify whether upgrading a system really will result in a higher ROI.
  • How secure are your systems? Weakened security should be an immediate red flag. If your technology is no longer receiving routine system updates or your firm has experienced a security breach, it’s time to consider your options for an upgrade.
  • What is the cost of inaction? Technology is constantly evolving. It literally gets better every day. If your law firm wants to retain optimal performance, it also needs to keep pace – or at a minimum, not fall too far behind. As you evaluate the importance of a technology upgrade, be sure also to ask yourself what the cost of inaction looks like.

Lastly, when you are ready to upgrade your technology, don’t forget about testing. Many challenges with updates and upgrades can be avoided simply by partnering with an IT provider who performs testing on your behalf. If you have any questions or concerns about your Apple technology, our team at Honeycrisp is just a phone call away.

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