The work of a law firm never stops, and all too often that work is the unglamorous type. Organizing case files, managing client contacts, responding to emails…all these activities can be time-consuming, stressful, and a drain on your budget and resources.

Stop spinning on the wheel of doom and turn to technology to help you manage these endless demands.

Customer Relationship Management Software to the Rescue

Legal client relationship management (CRM) software has been around for decades, yet many firms are still not utilizing the technology to the fullest. They make do with less than efficient solutions simply because the burden to switch to a new software seems too great or may feel cost-prohibitive.

A CRM should make your life easier. If it’s not doing that (or you don’t have one at all), it’s time to switch solutions. Full stop.

Where to Start When Switching to a New Legal CRM Software

First, a word about CRMs and how they are different from practice management technology. There tends to be a lot of overlap between these two areas, but they are different. It can be difficult to compare CRMs when some solutions offer case/practice management, some focus on marketing, and others stick solely to CRM. It’s worth noting that if your CRM isn’t working for you, it may be because your CRM isn’t a CRM. For help aligning your technology strategy with your business strategy, come talk to us at Honeycrisp.

What to Look for in a Legal CRM Software

A legal CRM should save your firm time, increase efficiency, help you close more leads, improve communication, streamline workflows, and so much more. While there will be a learning curve with any new technology (and you may experience some push-back – or at least grumbling – from others on staff), the payoff will be worth it – literally and figuratively.

As you prepare to migrate to a new legal CRM, here’s where to start.

  • Identify must-have features – As you research alternative CRMs, you can afford to be picky. After all, you’re switching because your current solution just isn’t passing muster. Put together your wishlist – one that includes automation, analytics, seamless integration with your existing technology, customer support, and any other features you deem essential. Spend some time seriously evaluating your current pain points and areas of opportunity. Once you know the features you need, you can start shopping around for solutions.
  • Evaluate costs – Comparing prices can be tricky, especially when companies’ pricing structures vary. As you home in on the right CRM for your law firm, stay true to your must-have features and don’t be swayed by bright shiny objects you’ll never use. No need to pay extra for features that may sound enticing but just aren’t part of your business practice. Connectedly – don’t focus as much on comparing pricing between CRMs, but rather the value a potential CRM will provide your firm. Too often firms are penny-wise and pound foolish, signing up for a CRM because it’s 15% cheaper than the one with the functionality they need, but the more expensive one would enable the firm to generate $100,000+ in increased billable hours.
  • Prepare for implementation – When the day comes to implement your new CRM, you need everyone on board. The more prepared your firm is, the more seamless the transition will go. This means ensuring that everyone is trained and prepared to make full use of the new software.
  • Insist on ongoing training – Training is not a one-and-done kind of deal. It takes practice to familiarize yourself with new technology, so it’s imperative that everyone commits sufficient time to learn the new legal CRM. The company you choose should offer onboarding resources and be available for ongoing support.

Client management solutions are essential tools no matter the size of your law firm. Whether you are switching to a new legal CRM or selecting one for the very first time, being prepared is the surest way to ensure the success and adoption of the new technology. If you have questions about how a CRM can boost productivity and efficiency at your law firm – or are looking for advice on which CRM is ideal for your firm –  give us a call at Honeycrisp. We focus solely on providing support for Apple-loving law firms and are standing by to help you with your firm’s technology needs.

Luke Kumanchik

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