WiFi is wonderful…until it’s not. While no one wants wires running all over their offices, going fully wireless may not be the best solution for your firm’s tech needs either.

Here are a few reasons why WiFi may not be the answer for your law firm’s office:

WiFi Not Being Reliable

There are a few primary concerns about going fully wireless at your law firm. One of the more major ones is reliability. For older buildings with thick walls in particular, the WiFi signal can be spotty. Pair that with the number of users on your network and the type of activity you will be doing, and you will likely run into issues like slow transfer speed, dropped calls (if using VoIP), and spotty or slow connection.

If there’s one thing you need to perform reliably well at your office, it’s your internet. Unfortunately, wireless can sometimes leave you hanging.

WiFi Being More Costly

A second concern is cost. Going fully wireless with a system that can meet your requirements takes money. Generally, it’s more cost-effective to retain at least some hard-wired connections. Wireless networks require several access points to adequately service the firm. Most people are surprised at what it costs to go fully wireless rather than retain at least a combination of hard-wired and wireless connections.

WiFi Being More Hackable

Third – and it’s a big one – is security concerns. Wireless networks are much less secure than on-premise connections. If you do choose to go fully wireless, it’s important to put protective measures in place to safeguard against breaches and cyber attacks. The flexibility of being able to move freely and have your internet access follow is an undeniable benefit of WiFi, but the reality is most your staff at your law firm are likely stationed at a desk with their Macs plugged in for electricity. Their internet may as well be hard-wired too. As you evaluate your firm’s tech needs, consider whether going fully wireless is really what you’re looking for. Our team at Honeycrisp can help you understand the pros and cons of each internet option for your specific building so you can identify the best solution for your team. Contact us today to ask your questions.

Luke Kumanchik

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