Technology plays a role in nearly every aspect of our work and personal lives. We know it’s important. We know we need it. But we don’t always know the best ways to use it to make our work lives easier and more efficient. Sometimes we wistfully apply tech as a Band-Aid to our problems only to discover we start bleeding somewhere else.

If your law firm has been struggling with its technology, it might be because there is a disconnect between the IT team supporting your technology and the lawyers who are using it for their day-to-day work. Below we offer some tips to help bridge the technology gap at your law firm.

  • Involve IT during onboarding – When new team members join the firm, make sure they are equipped with the tools and training they need to effectively do their jobs. For most of your new hires, one of their biggest tools will be a Mac, and the department they may lean most heavily on for help during those early weeks and months will be IT. Don’t just drop a MacBook on their desk and expect them to take it from there. Create a collaborative environment that involves IT early and often during your onboarding process.
  • Commit to robust (and routine) training – Once onboarded, training shouldn’t stop either. The technology at your law firm will continually be upgraded to keep pace with solutions that best serve you. With those changes come a learning curve. Your lawyers and your IT team should be coming together on a regular basis to ensure the attorneys and support staff still have the appropriate training, tools and solutions they need to be working at peak performance.

Often some of the biggest disconnects between IT and attorneys stems from misunderstandings. By implementing processes and workflows that engage both teams on a regular and collaborative basis, you can help reduce any tension between the groups and enable even better outcomes for your firm.

As you consider your law firm’s IT needs, give our team at Honeycrisp a call. We offer your firm the support you deserve for the Apple products you love.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.