Tracking your law firm’s business and technology performance will provide insight into the ways in which you can streamline workflows and productivity, as well as establish new strategic goals for your growing firm.

You can measure a million different metrics, but a better path is to focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will yield meaningful insight. Here are two we recommend and why:

Number of Products Managed

One reason you likely turned to an outsourced IT company is to free up internal staffing resources. Another benefit is being able to tap into the expertise and services that a larger, dedicated IT team can provide.

As your law firm scales, you need your IT services to keep pace. Operational metrics that measure IT infrastructure, including infrastructure downtime and frequency of production deployments, will impact how efficiently your business can operate. Over time, you want relevant KPIs like Number of Products Managed to go up and the kinds of tickets submitted to change as a reflection of improved IT successes.

Number of Trainings Completed

Another valuable service your outsourced IT solutions provider should offer is technology training and resources. While yes, you are paying them to help solve your tech troubles, you also need to be self-reliant and able to effectively use the tools you have paid for. Having the best of the best Apple technology is completely overkill if the end user only knows how to browse the internet.

To that end, a measure of IT success for your law firm is the number of training programs it offers and/or knowledge articles it publishes for your team’s internal use. An increasing number of training sessions and self-service guides means your law firm is prioritizing technology and enabling improved operational efficiency.

It’s important to track metrics across your entire organization, including IT. If you have questions about what KPIs are most important for your law firm and how to achieve them, contact us at Honeycrisp for help.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.