There are several note-taking tools on the market, and the right product for you will depend on how you prefer to use it and what capabilities you need it to perform.

Chances are good, however, that you’re going to need something that goes above and beyond simply providing an avenue for taking notes. There’s pen and paper for that, after all.

This is where Notion comes in.

Notion is a robust note-taking app that offers many advantages to lawyers. When compared against something like OneNote, it becomes clear that while they are both good for note-taking, Notion can be customized to do a whole lot more.

Let’s explore some differences between these two note-taking applications.

A Closer Look at Notion versus OneNote

  • OneNote is primarily used as a note-taking tool, whereas Notion can be used collaboratively for project management. Multiple users can share notes, organize, plan and create status updates to move a project forward.
  • Notion users rely on a block platform for taking notes, capturing web pages, or clipping audio or image files. These blocks can be pieced together so users can see, interact, and more easily understand the full scope of notes and how they build upon one another (because, as we all know, notes are meaningless without context).
  • Both platforms offer a range of templates to use for note-taking purposes, and both also are supported on macOS browsers.
  • In Notion, users navigate Notebooks via a sidebar. There is also an Inbox view for quickly capturing notes to later categorize, as well as a Status Dashboard for viewing project action items. OneNote’s user interface is easy to navigate but is much less robust in terms of its project management capabilities.

On the whole, if your sole purpose is for taking notes, both OneNote and Notion do a good job meeting your needs. However, if you’re looking for a tool that offers even more capabilities, such as project management, customization and collaboration, Notion may better fit the bill.

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Luke Kumanchik

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