Productivity is the name of the game when it comes to pumping out more billable hours at your law firm. You do this first and foremost by building good workflows within your organization, but there are also other useful ways to streamline the work you do both individually and collaboratively. Here are some tips:

  1. Use Alfred for Mac – This can be a life-saver for quickly and easily finding files and launching applications. You can use hotkeys, keywords and customization to find files on your Mac in an instant. Alfred’s Powerpack takes it up a notch by enabling you to perform tasks more efficiently and reduce repetitive manual processes.

That said, while Alfred is great, it’s also a behemoth. If you’re looking for something easier to get going with and use, try TextExpander (see #2 below) or Jumpcut.

  1. Use TextExpander – Acronyms are a given in any industry, but there’s a time and place for using them. More often than not, the short-hand lingo you’ve developed internally needs to be spelled out completely to reduce confusion and improve communication. TextExpander does this by automatically replacing your abbreviated shortened-key combinations with the full stored-word equivalent. For example, “LTC” auto-populates as “Letter to Client” without you having to type out the full phrase.
  1. Use a Password Manager – Password managers not only save you time by tracking all of your passwords without you having to memorize them, they also encrypt your password database so you are less prone to data breaches.
  1. Track your time – Finding a good time-tracking system that works best for you is important not only for billing clients accurately but also for understanding how and where you’re spending time. Toggl is one such popular tool for tracking time and improving productivity. It can also be connected to a specific client or project to make time-tracking easier.
  1. Optimize your Finder – Getting set up to be more efficient can sound time-consuming, but it’s worth the one-time (and minimal) effort it takes to make all your everyday tasks easier. A good place to start is by organizing your Finder. Think about the 10 or so places you most frequently use on your computer and add them to your Favorites. Then, with the column view, you’ll be able to quickly browse through your folders.

Lastly, another great tool especially for your paralegal is Automator. When used for repetitive tasks, it can save a ton of time and simplify your workflows.

Macs offer near limitless potential for improving productivity at your law firm. For more ideas or help with your Apple technology, contact us at Honeycrisp to schedule a free consultation.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.