Change is hard. Changing a process you’ve been following for years? Even harder. Add a splash of pushback or sheer stubbornness to the mix, and you could be in for a real battle.

But change is worth it, especially when it results in increased productivity and more billable hours for your attorneys.

As you prepare to implement a new technology or process change in your law firm, do so with care and by having a plan in place. Here are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Explain the why – Good communication is essential during any kind of transition. And a change to how your attorneys currently operate is certainly a transition worthy of explanation.

When your attorneys and other end-users have the full picture of why certain changes are necessary and also have an opportunity to ask questions or express their concerns, they may be more willing to get on board. Providing context and how the change will benefit everyone in the long run is important to securing user adoption of the new process.

  • Find an internal champion – Having good role models is another way to ensure a smooth process change. When leadership is on board and there are even just one or two attorneys willing to lead the way, it demonstrates support of the new process (and a little positive peer pressure).
  • Be flexible with training – People learn differently, and some will need more guidance than others. Create a flexible training program to coach people through the transition. This may include things like leading workshops or presentations on the process change as well as implementing one-on-one mentoring programs. The point here is to adapt your training program to the abilities and constraints of your team. Your attorneys need to feel supported and have the resources they need if you want them to effectively adopt the change.

As you approach any kind of process change or new software implementation in your law firm, you will likely face some resistance. But with a good plan in place and strong leadership, you can help your attorneys understand and even appreciate the new process. For questions or help with any of your legal tech needs, get in touch with us at Honeycrisp today.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.