If there is a problem, tech can solve it… (sorry, we couldn’t help but channel a little Vanilla Ice there).

In all seriousness though, while tech can solve many-a-problems, should it always be the next shiny object you jump to? Maybe. But maybe not…at least not without doing some reflection and analysis first.

Define Your Problem

Technology can do wonders for your law firm. With the amount of daily tasks your firm’s lawyers must routinely complete, automating as many of them as you can with the help of tech will save you time, money and improve the firm’s overall performance.

But before getting all enamored with a new software or app, it’s important to first step back and truly understand the major pain points of your firm.

Without knowing what problems you need to solve, any new software implementation will only turn a painful manual process into a painful tech process.

Gather Data

To gain a full picture of your firm’s challenges and areas of opportunity, you need to solicit input from the team and understand your current processes.

Get started by considering the daily operations of your law firm. This includes:

  • Reviewing your current workflows.
  • Asking your team where they are encountering hurdles or inefficiencies.
  • Looking at the hard numbers – where is time and money being spent? What do other indicators that are valuable to your business have to say?

With sufficient data and feedback from your end-users, you can confidently move forward in pursuit of a tech solution that will address your problems.

For Apple users, there are numerous tech solutions to your legal woes, but the main message here is that without knowing exactly what your specific woes are, any new solution will be woefully inadequate in solving your problems.

At Honeycrisp, we are here to help you evaluate your current processes and implement the right tech solution to help your firm improve efficiency and your bottom line. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.