Why do many businesses around the world use Google Drive? To put it simply, it’s awesome!

Google Drive helps you manage everything from email access to cloud storage. It can be an answered prayer for your law firm and a saving grace for file management. Here’s a bit of a breakdown so that you’re aware of everything Google Drive has to offer.

Google Drive for Law Firms: Solid Storage

If you have a large number of digital files, this is a great time to consider using Google Drive. It can become increasingly difficult to manage your entire library of files without a secure storage system.

Collaboration Between Lawyers on Google Drive

Google Drive allows your team to work together on shared files and captures the instant feedback loop between them. While some things can never replace face-to-face interaction, Google drive does its best to bridge the gap between effective collaboration and remote work.

Improved cloud storage mobility-

Users can edit documents offline in Google Drive, and it will automatically update upon returning to an online connection.

Increased functionality-

The thing team members need the most? A reliable and functional workspace. The Google Drive world is full of functionality and helps you complete everyday tasks with ease. The biggest way it does this is by allowing users to convert files into Google Docs format for quicker sharing.

Here’s a small list of additional ways Google Docs can help your business.

File Management

Copying Folders

Sharing externals

Working with documents

Comments – Adding, replying, checking off, and email notifications

Saving documents

File versions (restoring)


Finding where a document is saved

Google docs is a win in many ways. Shoot us an email if you have any questions about using this tool for your firm.

Luke Kumanchik

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