Want to set up an all-Mac law office but worried about the process? We have good news and more good news for you. We’ll start with the best news: it’s easier than you think. In fact, compared to setting up a PC office, it’s a cakewalk. Let’s get started.

Whether you’re making the big switch from PC to Mac or launching a new law firm and want to go all-Apple from day 1, we want to let you know that you’re making the right choice (in our humble opinion). By choosing Macs, you’re choosing reliability, security, longevity, user-friendliness. The old slogan “They just work” is a simple but clear reminder on why Apple is the most valuable company in the world and why so many law firms are finally making the transition.

The All Mac Law Office: A Smart Investment

When you look at technology as an investment – one that allows you to get more done in less time – it becomes clear that Macs are the wiser choice for a number of reasons.

From their products’ lifespans and seamless integrations, it makes sense as an investment. And the fact that it will save you on your IT costs will more than make up for the increased cost of the actual computers. We know, it’s weird for an IT company to come out and say, “Buy this because you won’t need us as much!” But it’s the truth. Less time fixing frustrating IT issues means we are able to spend our time developing sweet custom solutions that make your tech work as precisely as you want it.

In short: with every law firm that we’ve worked with, time is the most valuable asset to the company. Macs save time.

Mac Hardware

When you’re looking at hardware options for your law firm on apple.com, the first question you’ll want to address is desktop vs. laptop. Ask yourself if you are going to be exclusively working from a single desk or office. If you don’t plan on moving your work around with you, then the desktop is your best bet. If you might be working remote and taking your work with you then a laptop will meet your needs best.

The main key to focus on is making sure that your computer has the processing speed and functionalities you need to get your job done. While we love the Mac Pro Tower (nicknamed the cheese grater, for obvious reasons), it can be overkill for day-to-day tasks and an iMac is likely a better option (but if you have any questions about what’s best for your needs, drop us a line). Our top pick for laptops is the Macbook pro.

A lot of lawyers can run their entire firm on an iPad these days. Portability definitely matters, but the biggest decision is real estate. The iPad, for instance, has a display out option which is excellent, but it turns off the iPad’s display because it doesn’t have the power. If you’re marking up or comparing documents, then you want either a large monitor or multiple monitors. The iMac and MacBook Pro have the power to handle multiple monitors and app-switching where an Air and iPad simply cannot. The iPad also becomes additional real estate with the sidecar function.

Apps for Lawyers on Macs

For starters, your firm is going to need word processing, practice management and file management apps. As well as apps to manage your calendars, contacts and emails.

Most likely the apps you want are web-based, meaning that it’s platform agnostic and works just as well on Macs and PCs. Win for the all mac law office.

Security For Your Firm

This is one of the most misunderstood aspects in the Mac v PC debate. Yes, Macs can get viruses. Yes, it is significantly less likely.

Because Mac designed their hardware and their operating system to work together, it is much easier for them to roll out a patch or an upgrade. It’s the same reason the iPhone is always more up-to-date than Androids. When you don’t marry hardware and operating system, a mile-wide gap is created for issues to fill in.

Long story-short: by lessening hardware-based vulnerabilities through running a tight ship with the operating system, you’re more secure. But a law firm still needs enhanced securities to protect your data and client. You’ll want to start by getting good password encryption software – we recommend Keeper as a Password Management app that encrypts passwords and credit card information. It’s like the Apple keychain but for businesses.

From there you will still want to look into other encryption systems, separating private and personal accounts, data backups and restricting usage (we can help with that).

Law Firm Growth

With any thriving practice, you want to plan for growth. The great thing is that Macs are designed for longevity so you’ll get more bang for your buck there. Whether you plan on staying solo or growing your firm, you want to ensure that your IT needs are met. Another great advantage to Macs is that they are so much more user-friendly and you’ll be spending much less time troubleshooting. But you still want to have some solid technical support. Fire yourself from the role of IT support so that you can focus on growing and retaining your practice. Find an Apple-centric team to take care of your Mac needs.

Macs are one of the smartest investments you can make in your firm. From ease of use to durability, longevity and security, there is no better technological solution to meet your firm’s needs. As an IT company that focuses exclusively on law, we can help you with all the moving parts of running an all mac law office.

Luke Kumanchik

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