Before you read on – yes, you can have a Mac law firm. Yes, it will work well. No, the reason that your old firm wouldn’t let you use a Mac was likely because their IT department thought it would’ve been a headache manage both Macs and Windows.

Now that that’s out of the way…

If you’re venturing out into new territory to launch your firm, you get to do things your way with no compromise. You can say goodbye to the coffee-like sludge, you can pick your location and decorate as you please (hammocks, anyone?). But one of the biggest decisions you’ll make will be based around hardware, software and networks.

In short, it’s the great debate between Macs and PCs. And you get to choose what works best for you.

Why Macs Will Work For Your Law Firm

More and more law firms are going the Apple route. There are a number of reasons but most professionals agree – they are more productive on Macs. Apple’s entire ecosystem just works better right out of the box with no down-time for administrative issues – the reality is that most people do not have the intricate knowledge or the patience to deal with the tedious complications of PCs.

We’ll save our “Mac for Life” speech for another time and stay focused on running a lean law firm with Apple. You already know the power and ease of use that Macs provide.

So, how do Macs help you run the tightest, most streamlined law firm?

Less glitches, more productivity, more security

The number one reason to run your law firm on Macs is that you are likely to have less IT issues to address, day in and day out. Macs are known for their user friendliness. With Macs, you can spend more time working, being productive and focusing on clients, instead of fixing IT glitches and formatting issues. Your Mac office will more than pay for itself in saved IT costs, time and energy.

Great security is also top on the list. In addition to the long list of security benefits that come stock with all Macs (FileVault, software updates, System Integrity Protection, Gatekeeper, File Quarantine and XProtect, among many others) one of the greatest protections often goes overlooked. iCloud’s services to remotely lock, find, and wipe devices is huge. In general, the security features are much better for a Mac and a lot of stuff is backed up automatically to be restored easily later.

Seamless Interconnection For Mac Law Firm

If you’re already using an iPhone or iPad, or if you have been using a Mac laptop or desktop, you know how difficult and frustrating it is to try and convert, share and integrate with PCs and Windows. Skip the dozens of steps, conversion apps, and time consuming tedium. Go Mac and have a seamlessly integrated office.

Cloudy with a chance of advancement

A lot of lawyers coming from bigger firms know they need a Practice Management Solution or some kind of Document Drafting, so they’re skewed towards Windows and what they’ve used in the past.

What they don’t know is that Clio can do for them what that expensive PCLaw solution used to do but on a Mac.  They don’t know that Clio has full Outlook integration on a Mac, so if they’re struggling using Apple Mail they don’t have to.  

But wait, there’s more! While it’s not top-of-mind, iCloud’s services can remotely lock, find, and wipe devices. This is a service that you’ll most likely never have to use, but if you do it’s a literal firm-saver (in general, the security features are better for a Mac and a lot of stuff is backed up automatically to be restored easily at a later date).

With every passing day, Macs make the more and more sense for any law firm, but especially the lean, mean start-up firm. Better security, reliability and ease of use. More time focusing on cases and clients, less time fixing tedious glitches. You want your computers and network to run like your law firm – powerful, dependable and straightforward.

What’s standing in the way of launching your firm as an all-Apple office? Let us help you get set up and get your firm started on the best devices and network available.

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