3 Things to Focus on for Remote Work

There are three big things I see business owners overlooking as they consider sending their teams home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. While we focus on Apple-lovin’ lawyers here, this advice is prudent for all businesses.

1. Mobile Device and Data Management

When people take home devices and try to access your network from outside of the office, you increase your exposure. What you want to know is what is currently in place to protect data breaches.

2. Workflows

Do you understand how people work and collaborate in the office now? It may be easy to replicate that when they go to work from home and it may be very difficult based on their role. Are you prepared for things to take a little bit longer?

3. Applications

You may need to purchase more licensing for your applications or you may need to purchase a new app altogether. If you move your entire office at once, it’s going to be a shock as people have to learn the new software and develop new processes for them. What training are you going to provide?


Everyone wants to protect their people. If you send your team home with unprotected laptops, a new way to work, and apps they don’t know how to use, it’s going to be bad. Right now, there’s enough stress and confusion. Launching without a plan will only add more confusion and stress. Instead, take a moment to speak with an IT professional and your various team leads. Have them list what you have that can make an impact today and some of the obvious shortcomings. No plan is perfect, but we can do our part to make this transition safe.

Luke Kumanchik

Entrepreneur, programmer, backyard farmer & Dungeon Master Extraordinaire.