The Future Ready Lawyer

Wolters Kluwer’s survey, The Future Ready Lawyer, is packed full of useful data and graphs. has a great article highlighting key findings, such as, ‘[T]echnology leaders do not only invest more aggressively in technology, they also realize greater profitability’, and a breakout of this graphic:

Most lawyers expect their organizations to see at least some impact from transformational technologies in the next three years. However, few lawyers believe they have a very good understanding of these technologies today.
Figure 9. Download the complete Wolters Kluwer survey

Understanding to implementation

Frequently, technology projects turn into nightmares that just aren’t that profitable in the end. The graph above gives you some insight as to why. More than half of all lawyers believe the technologies listed above to be transformational, but only a fifth understand the technologies very well.

That’s a large gap.

It’s impossible to define a scope when you don’t have enough information and the pressure to act now is mounting. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Honeycrisp helps law firms to understand, plan, and successfully implement technology to increase their firm’s profitability. If you have questions about the results of this survey or any other technology, reach out to us. Let us do our best work, so you can do yours.

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