Sometimes it’s not just our tech that needs an upgrade. Our offices do too. Office renovations can be big, disruptive projects, and there is a lot to consider when planning one, not the least of which is your IT needs. Read on for some important things to account for when planning a renovation at your law firm.

IT Needs to Account for During an Office Renovation

Your office runs on technology. Be sure to give it due consideration while planning out your future office. Frequently what can happen when no one from IT is consulted on a renovation is things like servers ending up stuffed in a closet without ventilation or missed opportunities to enhance the tech infrastructure.

Don’t put yourself in a bind by trapping a heat-producing server in a closet or causing other inadvertent tech problems. Instead, work with your IT partners to consider these needs:

IT Infrastructure Requirements

Evaluate your current tech usage and identify any new needs. Will more people be using the office? What additional cabling will you need to support your new requirements? Are electrical upgrades also going to be needed to handle your modern tech infrastructure? If you haven’t already, now may also be a time to consider upgrading your phone system.

When the walls are ripped up anyway, it’s a great time to upgrade your cabling and boost your connectivity.

WiFi Connectivity After a Renovation

 A new office configuration may require changes or upgrades to your wireless equipment. It’s unfortunately not as simple as just moving your modem to a new location. You’ll want your IT partner to test your connectivity and develop a plan to ensure you’ll have adequate connectivity throughout your office.

Temporary Tech Needs During a Renovation

 Will your firm’s staff continue to work in the office during the renovation, or will you vacate the office until work is completed? In either scenario, you should consider what kind of temporary technology products will help ensure everyone continues working productively and efficiently during the renovation.

While much of your technology infrastructure is less visible during the day-to-day, it should absolutely not be overlooked during a renovation.

With proper planning and by engaging your tech team early and connecting them with your general contractor, your renovation can be a good opportunity to improve your technology performance while also modernizing your space.

To learn more about office renovations and what they mean for technology, get in touch with us at Honeycrisp. 

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